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School Library
  • All peoples are encouraged to make good use of the school library and reading room.
  • A library card is given to every pupil against which the book are issued.
  • Library books, magazines, newspaper etc. underlined, marked damaged or taken out of the library without the permission of the librarian will lead to punishment through fine of ₹50/-.
  • Complete silence should be maintained inside and around the library.
  • All books and card should be returned as per the instructions of the librarian before the end of the academic year. ( i.e. month of February).
  • Books should be returned on the date stamped, otherwise, ₹2/- will be charged as fine for each day of the delay. After 10 days the people will be debarred from the library. In case a library book is lost, the pupils must pay the current price of the book along with an extra find of 50% of it's price.
  • Reference books and magazines will not be issued. They should be consulted in the library itself.
  • Any people, who does not abide by the library rules, is subject to permanent loss of his/her library privileges.
  • A Pupil is permitted to take only one book per week.
  • No talking is permitted in the library except on business with the librarian. This also should be done in a low voice.